Sunday, September 21, 2014

Poet/singer/songwriter  Aaron Lair is no stranger to adversity.  After contracting transverse myelitis in 2004, which causes swelling in the spine, and suffering a stroke from a blood clot, Laird was paralyzed. Through ironclad determination and arduous work, he regained the use of his arm and started writing poetry, which eventually led to music.  Laird has rapidly become a dramatic force in the poetry recitation and alternative rock scenes.

After reading Laird’s compilation of poetry, I felt that he had been tossed to and fro in a dark sea.  Always wanting to surface only to be pulled back into the abyss.  On a brighter note, his most recent annotations have somewhat of Dr. Seuss’ flair to them!  If you enjoy reading poetry, you will want to peruse this five star read!  And now for the interview...

 1.  What is the one thing, you would like people to know about you?
I have lupus, which caused me to become paralyzed. In turn, my writing poetry began after having surgery for a skin pressure ulcer. The resulting one month of ordered bed rest served as my muse. This expanse of time inspired me to let whatever came to mind simply flow out, so to speak. At the time, I was typing on my laptop in bed, which proved to be considerably more convenient than a pencil and paper.

2.  How would you describe your book to readers? 
In his ethereal book of poetry, Blue Lightning, Aaron Laird transcends space and time to bring this collection of poems to the world. With historical, contemporary, and philosophical poems, there's something for everyone. His vivid imagery, sharp use of language, and existential ideas will make you stop and think about the world around you. Don't miss out on this powerful compilation: Blue Lightning.

3.  What is your greatest desire in life?
I wish to ultimately walk again someday. As of yet, I have recently been able to get some small amount of leg movement when my Physiatrist (physical therapy doctor) most recently tested my amount of recovery this past July 31. I aim to build on that through rigorous physical therapy on a regular basis to increase my return of movement, over time.

4.  What are you currently reading?
The Bhagavad-Gita Hindu religious book edited by Barbara Stoler Miller and a Buddhist Scriptures religious book edited by Betty Radice for the Comparative Religion college course that I am currently taking.

5.  How can readers contact you or purchase your book?

Besides being for sale at my publisher's website, it may also be found at a number of major bookstores.

The most prominent site is Amazon.


I hear a sound so frightening.
Hark, I see blue lightning.
I see a turquoise mist;
it's itching at my wrist.
I hear a distant thunder
as my mind starts to wander.
Blue lightning strikes without a sound, 
soft yet dangerous on the ground.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


What an absolute blessing to have read, Black Dad - White Dad, written by author James Womack and co-authored by Anna Allen.  James tells his story like you were sitting across from your best friend in a quaint cafe, eating pie, and sipping on cups of coffee.  He weaves a story of racism, American history, extreme poverty, alcoholism, fortitude, illiteracy, tension, paternal rejection, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, and extreme risk taking all sustained by the redemptive love of Christ.

James doesn't hold back on expressing his feelings and beliefs in his writing.  As a proofreader, I did find a few grammatical and punctuation errors but his story triumphs over any writing his final editor failed to notice.  This read definitely deserves a five star review!

And now for the interview...


1.  What is the one thing, you would like people to know about you?

     I am a walking history book that provides the reader with a snapshot of an unfiltered life in another era, filled with emotions, challenges, accomplishments, courage and an insatiable desire to expand my universe and enjoy the best of what life has to offer.  I am happily married for fifty-two years to my first love.  God blessed us with four children and five grandchildren.  My life is one of dedicated service to God, family and country.  I pray daily for an increase in faith, hope, patience and charity with an infusion of wisdom and compassion.

2.  How would you describe your book to readers?

     You revealed it rather eloquently in your review:  "James tells his story as if you were sitting across from your best friend in a quaint cafe, eating pie, and sipping on cups of coffee."  My story provides an insight into the maturing life and experiences of a boy born into abject poverty, to illiterate parents, with an insatiable appetite to experience the fullness of creation with the audacity to venture into unchartered waters.  I take you on a personal tour through six decades of historical evolvement and cultural changes in America, Europe and Asia that shaped the world and gave us the freedom in which we live today.  You see the naked uncompromising truth of the world through my eyes, the good, the bad and the ugly, as I faced life with courage on a daily basis. 

3.  What is your greatest desire in life?

     I believe that God created humans in the image and likeness of Himself with a multitude of talents, dreams, and goals with a unique purpose.  I pray daily that I am able to fulfill the purpose for which I am created.  Since I do not fully know what that is, I pray daily that the Holy Spirit lead and guide me in my daily walk.  I strive to personify the adage of Saint Francis:  "Preach the gospel every day.  Use words if necessary."  I struggle to live a life filled with hope, humor, forgiveness and service to others by treating everyone the way I wish to be treated.  I have learned that holding on to hurts, unfulfilled dreams, disappointments and mistreatment is self-inflicted mutilation that drains the brain of creative energy and destroys the soul.  Forgiveness is cathartic and invigorating.

4.  What are you currently reading?

     Daily I read the "Living Faith" a Catholic publication that has a daily reflection with a structured bible reading from the Old and New Testament and a Psalm.  This structured format insures me that I will read the total bible every three years.  I also read books, materials and articles on homeopathic healing:  "Beating Alzheimer's" by Tom Warren, "Miracle Food Cures from the Bible" by Reese Dubin and "Dead Doctor's Don't Lie" by Dr. Joel Wallach.  On my bucket list are the fables and childhood stories banned from my juvenile education curriculum by the Jim Crow crafted "Separate-but-equal" education system and the classical English novels that are a part of the high school English reading curriculum.

5.  How can readers contact you or purchase your book?

     "Black Dad - White Dad" is available at:

If you prefer an autographed copy, send a check or money order for a total of $24.48 to:

Alle-Mack LLC
PO Box 36844
Indianapolis, IN  46236-0844