Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today, I am excited to introduce to you, author, Ellen C. Maze. 

Ellen and I actually met on facebook! She is the author of Amazon Bestseller Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider, its sequel Rabbit Legacy, a collection of related short stories entitled Loose Rabbits of the Rabbit Trilogy, and her newest Christian vampire novel, The Judging. As per her website bio, Ellen calls herself a recovering vampire/horror fanatic and thusly, uses her experience in that subculture to bring the Light into a dark genre. “Addicting and delicious,” her bio states, “Ellen’s brand of story-telling is rife with deep character study and honest emotion.”

 I have asked Ellen to answer a series of questions and at the end of the interview, you will have the opportunity to not only purchase her books, but simply by posting a comment, you will have the opportunity to win a copy of her soon to be released book...

1.  What is the one thing you would like people to know about you?
That I am a certified nut, a class clown who’s always smiling and trying to get others to smile too. While my books take a probing and sometimes uncomfortable peek at the darker side of man, ultimately, I write to encourage the reader. Bad is bad (and I am good at writing bad), but good is always present and it will prove to be stronger in the end.

2.  How would you describe your book, Feckless to readers?
Feckless is an opportunity for me to share my short fiction with my established readers, and perhaps reach an anthology market that hasn’t discovered the Rabbit. I had the idea after reading a horror anthology one day, and I thought, why not compile my flash fiction AND ask my favorite indie-authors to submit a story or two as well? So, I approached six of my favorites, they all submitted a tale or two, and now we have a pile of Feckless tales (Feckless: Tales Of Supernatural, Paranormal, And Downright Presumptuous Ilk). The title is fun, the attitude of some of the stories is humorous, but interspersed is some horror and heavy vampire stuff that my readers will enjoy immensely.

3.  What has been your biggest obstacle in life?
Shortage of capital. I wish I could do million-dollar advertising for my book because I know people would love it, but like the rest of humanity, I am limited by the amount of green I can invest in my brand. I spend every cent I can on promotion and publicity, and depend on God to spread the word beyond that. What else can a girl do?

4.  What are you currently reading?
I am usually reading three or four titles at a time, and only one of those for my entertainment. Since you asked, let me share! I am reading Bill Shatner’s STAR TREK MOVIE MEMORIES for myself. Though not an early Trekkie, I loved the movies and I love-love-love behind-the-scenes movie info. Then, I’m reading an upcoming vampire novel sent to me by a publisher. He asked if I’d read the manuscript and give them a blurb for the cover. I get to do this off and on, and it is flattering. I’m also reading my own book, RABBIT LEGACY, because folks keep emailing me to tell me what they like about it and it makes me want to be reminded. And I am also reading a groovy sci/fi novella, PORTAL HUNTERS: DARK HOUR by friend, David Furr.

5.  How can readers contact you or purchase your book?  
All of my books are sold on the publisher’s website, my own websites, and Amazon, as well as some other large retailers. They are also all in print, eBook, nook, and Kindle to cover all of the bases. The very best way to find all the places my books are sold is by visiting, where I compiled all the books, their synopses, and booksellers’ links all in one place. I hope I made it easy enough! Feckless is slated to be released by TreasureLine Publishing February 14, 2011, so y'all stay tuned! Until then, I invite everyone to hop on down the rabbit trail and read Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider. I challenge you to see if you can take what I am dishing out!


  1. Great interview, Toni! I'm so excited to read Ellen's novel ~ :)

  2. This was a wonderful, informative interview, and I got to sit in with two of my favorite authors in one spot! How cool is that?!