Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Take the Lifestyle Lift to the highest level and minimize the signs of aging…

Laughter is a gift of God that brightens our good times and lightens the rough ones.  Laughter even has a healing quality to it.  People have recovered from serious diseases by learning to laugh each day.

Proverbs 17:22 says that a cheerful heart is good medicine.  Laughter can draw others to you.  When you begin to laugh at life and at yourself you gain new perspective on your struggles.
A life without laughter quickly becomes a breeding ground for depression and a critical spirit.  But a laughter filled life unleashes the spirit of celebration.

So cultivate the spirit of celebration in your life by making room for laughter.  Smile at someone today and find something worth laughing about.  You just might discover the meaning of another proverb:  “The cheerful heart has a continual feast” (v.15).

This post and photograph is from an actual believer.
A Beggars Purse, page 41.

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