Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time To Press On...

Carpe diem… do you know that carpe actually means to pick or pluck?  Horace used the word to mean,  “enjoy, or make use of.”  I must admit while entertaining the idea of my first pre release event, the word never even entered my mind.  Often times our minds wander as we walk and I definitely did not see the boulder that was strategically placed in my path.  No one else in the parking lot saw it either.  I did not cascade gracefully as one does in a ballet but rather as if I were sliding onto home base. The contents of my purse and book basket were spewed across the parking lot as well as the blood dripping from my kneecaps.  Even though my black silk pants looked as if they had been plucked and picked apart, I knew all my body parts were still in tact.  A knight in shining armor, actually he was wearing a three- piece suit ran to my rescue.  He helped me up from the black top and asked if I was all right… through the embarrassment, tears and laughter, (you know how you laugh when it hurts so bad), I managed to shout, “oh, its going to be a great day!”  I will always remember my pre release event and yes, I did enjoy it… moral of my story is to always carry an extra set of clothes and band-aides.  Perhaps its time to start a blog…


  1. Oh Toni! I thought those kinds of things only happened to me! :-) Congrats on the pre release event though! On a side note, I'm narcissistically content to be the first person to comment on your blog! HA! :-)

  2. I sympathize with you Toni. God has a way of keeping us humble...and showing us we are mere humans. But He always lifts us up, or at least sends someone by at the right time.
    Great post! Look forward to reading more!

  3. You have the most amazing way with words my friend. I love you.

  4. I really enjoyed your first blog and look forward to many more. You have such an amazing, positive spirit and seem to always turn things around and laugh. I am glad you enjoyed your pre-release event despite the sore knees, Toni.
    I didn't know you love Uno bars - they are one of my favorites. All these years and I didn't know.

  5. I've always believed laughter is good medicine. For years I've done this for my family... sometimes I know someone is sick, lonely, or depressed, but laughter is always great. I send out funny cards, even if a funny birthday card months before their birthday. I also go online for free clean jokes, print them & mail. Another plus is that I usually get a phone call with them laughing & then conversation.
    PS: Great photo above Roni, glad you still have your kneecaps! from Aunti Dori