Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What ever happened to Christmas in July?

It is believed that it actually started in Europe as a way to celebrate Christmas in the summer.  The untimely Christmas festival is also linked to a group of Irish tourists who vacationed in Sydney's Blue Mountains in the summer months of July 1980.  Being away from the summer heat in their own country they were overjoyed at the sight of snow.  It is said that the tourists convinced the proprietor of a local hotel in New South Wales to hold a party called
 "Yule fest".
On the other hand it is commonly said that retail merchants who wanted to benefit from a holiday in July, which is otherwise a dull season for business and has few marketing opportunities, dreamed up the occasion.
Then there are others who are reluctant to acknowledge the event in July.  They argue that this untimely celebration of Christmas makes a mockery of the birth of Jesus Christ.
My suggestion:
During this scorching month of the year, you might want to head on out to an air-conditioned mall and do some retail shopping.  Better yet, why not hike to your favorite mountain retreat, pop open a cold refreshing beverage of choice and have a chat with Jesus?
I don't think He will mind if you celebrate Christmas in July...


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