Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Poem written by Rick Nelson, page 102, A Beggars Purse...

Torn up, ragged, worn and beat,
Who is the man from off the street?
He's lost and hurt, broke up inside,
He steals, he cheats, he's full of lies.
Who is this person that we see?
No way, I say, that can't be me.
My life was never quite that bad
Deny the truth again, so sad.
What motive lies within this man?
I almost turned away and ran.
Don't even know just why I'm here
All I know is pain and fear.
A chance to change is here for me
I've been so blind I still don't see.
That person you say that's deep within

I've forgotten all about him.
I said okay, I give up I'll try
Even though I don't know why.
Let us help you they said to me
We know who can set you free.
Slowly things began to change
My life I had to rearrange.
I finally had to give it up
And let God fill my empty cup.
Day by day the old man died,
A new hope and joy sprang up inside.
The hurt and pain has been replaced
By love and peace and a smiling face.
This person that you see today
Has had to change in every way.
This road I walk is long and straight
But leads me to the pearly gates.
Those lumps and bumps from yesterday
Have taught me how to kneel and pray.
To face tomorrow come what may
And trust in God to show the way.
                                                    Rick Nelson

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